Tiger sleeping after relaxing sports massageSports massage
A stiff neck or shoulder pain is often due to restrictions in the muscles, and a sports massage is a great tool to relieve the tension and gain better mobility. This is a deep, thorough massage with focus on your “problem areas”. You do not have to be an Olympic athlete in order to have a sports massage, but you should expect it to be a lot deeper than your average massage.

Pregnancy massage
Your body goes through a lot of changes during a pregnancy, and a massage is a great way to relieve some of the extra pressure and tension, and helping your body to adjust.

When you are no longer able to lie on your stomach a comfortable side-lying position supported by pillows is used. Massage is possible during the entire pregnancy, unless your doctor has told you otherwise. Contact me for more details.

Gift vouchers
Do you want to do something nice for someone you care about? A gift certificate for a massage is always appreciated.

Please contact me for details.