Sleep like a tiger - sports massage and ostepathic treatment. Slapen als een tijger - sportmassage en ostepathische behandeling.

Customized Sports Therapy
This is where I use all of the tools in my toolkit, and draw on my many years of experience with pro-athletes, to help you with a specific issue. It could be anything from neck and shoulder pain, back pain, runners knee, shin splints and lack of range of motion in a particular area.
Example of some of the techniques I work with: trigger points, manual therapy, deep tissue, fascial therapy, mobility, osteopathic movement, cranial therapy, and organ motility.

Pro Sports massage
A sports massage is a great tool to relieve tension in the body and gain better mobility. It is also excellent for a quicker recovery, lymph and blood circulation. This is a deep, thorough massage. You do not have to be an Olympic athlete in order to have a sports massage, but you should expect it to be a lot deeper than your average massage.

Pregnancy massage
Your body goes through a lot of changes during a pregnancy, and a massage is a great way to relieve some of the extra pressure and tension, and helping your body to adjust.
When you are no longer able to lie on your stomach, a comfortable side-lying position supported by pillows is used. Massage is possible during the entire pregnancy, unless your doctor has told you otherwise. Contact me for more details.

Length of a session/treatment
By default a session/treatment is always 60min. Your initial treatment is 60min. This will allow me to gather enough information to know how to best proceed. After that you have the option to schedule a 45/ 60/ 90min session.

How many sessions do I need?
That always depends on the issue you have and how long you have had it. That said, I expect to see a change within 3-4 sessions. If you want to work preventative to stay injury free, booking a session on a regular basis. like every 3-6 weeks, is a great idea. It is an investment in your health and life quality. Your body will thank you.

I am not an athlete. Can I book a treatment?
Yes! Just because my expertise is in sports, it doesn’t mean that you have to be “sporty”. Everyone is welcome.

Gift vouchers
Do you want to do something nice for someone you care about? A gift certificate for a treatment is always appreciated.

Please contact me for details.