Zoom out seminar

Zoom out!
– And see the missing links in your health –

It’s not the running shoes, the chair, or the pillow that is causing your pain. The whole body is connected and where you feel the pain is seldom where the real problem is.

In a series of talks, I will discuss common health problems of today and how to get in charge of your own health.

Are you a company or organization wanting to improve your employees’ well-being? Help them empower themselves in the areas of nutrition, mobility and health? Then this series is something for you.

Zoom out! #1 (~80 min)
In this talk I will discuss common health problems of today. The emphasis will be on practical solutions and exercises that you can do at home in as little as 10min/day.
Including: runners knee, shin splints, neck problems, headaches, stomach pain.

Zoom out! #2 (~60 min)
Movement, Mobility & Nutrition
In this follow up talk the focus will be on Movement, Mobility and Nutrition as these are  three big cornerstones of our health. Some of the topics that will be discussed, with the emphasis on practical solutions are: Cellular function and movement – where is the connection and why should I care? Movement vs Exercise – Should I be stretching? Mobility vs Flexibility. After a long flight, drive and too many meetings – what can you do to help yourself? The perfect warm-up for any kind of activity.

Health 1-on-1 (~90min)
A 90 minute session just for you!  Topics include:  How does the gut microbiome work, why is it super important and how can we influence it daily? Why you cannot out-train a crappy diet and what to do instead.  In this 1-on-1 session we will see how all of this is connected, go through your current drink and food choices, to see where we can implement new strategies for a healthier you.


Don’t outsource your own health.
See the bigger picture and focus on the right things.