Zoom out seminar


Schedule an intriguing and fun seminar at your office

Are you a company or organization wanting to improve your employees’ well-being? Help them empower themselves in the areas of nutrition, mobility and health, with a fun and interactive talk. Nathalie has held many different talks on these topics, below is a recent one.


“The Walk of Health”
Are you frustrated because you are doing everything right from training to diet, but you don’t get the results that you want, and/or you are still in pain?
There is a huge orange zone between being healthy and being diagnosed with disease.
Join Nathalie in this active talk where we will go through “the walk of health” to find out how improper digestion impacts every aspect of your health, from fatty acid deficiency to shoulder pain.
Simply put, you cannot out-train a shitty diet or a poor digestion. Learn to recognize the clues that tells us when something is wrong, and what to do about it.

Don’t outsource your own health.
See the bigger picture and focus on the right things.



Comments from the Zoom Out! talk:
“Nathalie is a great inspirational speaker who gives lots of very hands-on tips and tricks to improve your overall health. A lot of our co-workers got some interesting aha moments during her speech and are already implementing some of her advice to move and stand up more during the working day. We are happy to have her back next year for a follow-up on the health trends!”
-Ikano S.A. Luxembourg