Philosophy behind sports massage and mobility training - RyoanjiI believe that most of our physical problems comes from muscles that are too rigid and no longer are flexible. Stiff muscles can create muscle pain in not only the area of the muscle concerned, but also to adjacent areas. Stiff muscles can be caused by injuries, bad posture/habits, stress and an inactive lifestyle.

To me, massage is a very beneficial and proactive approach in dealing with muscle aches and stiffness. From my experience, in many other forms of therapies, you almost had to be injured before the experts would look for treatment. With sports massage however, you can prevent a lot of physical injuries before it gets too bad. By working and taking care of the body, we can prevent it from “hitting a red light” and for example not being able to turn the head properly.

I started TIGERSPORTS because I felt there was a need for more thorough, manual work, not just based on relaxing, but based on how your body moves. As we all move differently, a treatment should be different from person to person. Adding Mobility 1-on-1 to the equation, to learn what you need to work on for better body mobility and stability, was the next natural step.

Moving well and being flexible has never been as important as it is today, and most certainly will be for the future. Having a thorough massage on a regular base, and working with Mobility 1-on-1 is a great way towards staying healthy and injury free, which will improve your day to day life, in and out of competition.

To me, a strong person is someone who can handle their own bodyweight and has full range of motion. Much like a tiger.