Voel beter - Osteopaat in Haarlem - osteopathie in Haarlem“Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine believe there’s more to good health than the absence of pain or disease. As guardians of wellness, DOs focus on prevention by gaining a deeper understanding of your lifestyle and environment, rather than just treating your symptoms.”

– American Osteopathic Association

This statement describes why I decided to study Osteopathic Medicine. I believe Osteopathy will best complement the skill set that I already have, and will give me an even broader ability and knowledge to be able to treat the whole body as a unit, rather than just its parts.

I am currently enrolled in my fifth year at the International Academy of Osteopathy (IAO).

The below information is an excerpt from the IAO webpage www.osteopathie.eu

What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual examination and treatment method of the integrated musculoskeletal, visceral system and craniosacral systems. The osteopath examines and treats manually the mobility of all these systems and looks for limitations in mobility that could be linked to the patient’s complaint. Osteopaths make use of an extensive practical knowledge of anatomy, physiology, neurology and pathology. By treating mobility of the musculoskeletal, the vascular, neurological and fascial system in an integrated and structured way, patients healing capacities increase dramatically.

What does the osteopath do?

An osteopath will identify all the blockades and losses in mobility in the body that are linked to the complaint. For example, he will look for the cause of the complaint and treat this by means of manipulations, muscle energy techniques and mobilisations. The osteopath does not heal, but encourages the body’s own healing capacity. He does this by removing blockades and reductions in mobility that are standing in the way of the healing process.