Mobility 1-on-1

Mobility 1-on-1 - mobility training“All human beings should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves.”

Dr Kelly Starrett

Perhaps you would like to learn how to take better care of your own body, so that you do not have to run to see a therapist every couple of weeks. Or maybe you are already stretching, doing Yoga or Pilates, but are not seeing the progress that you would like. This one hour course will teach you how to perform basic maintenance on yourself.

Reduce pain by increasing mobility
We all need to constantly work on our flexibility and mobility in our bodies, so that we are able to do all the physical things that we need to do and that we love to do without injury and pain. Through too much sitting and static movements our muscles become tight and we build up inflexibility. Stiff muscles and loss of range of motion leads to a negative domino effect that causes problems in other areas of the body, and pain and injuries start to become a part of our everyday lives. A painkiller or anti inflammatory drug will reduce the symptoms but not solve the problem – it will just keep pushing the problem in front of us. There is no magic pill, we have to do the work to have a strong and flexible body. Prevention really is the best way to stay injury and pain free, and this can easily be done at home during 10 minute daily sessions.

The Mobility 1-on-1 course
This is a private one-on-one course in the art of learning how to massage your muscles with simple tools to help you unglue “stuck” areas and thereby increase your mobility and range of motion (ROM). It is very important to be able to maintain good movement and have full ROM for all types of activities in life. When you start compromising the movement due to restrictions in ROM, pain and injury will follow. I will show you how to work and target specific muscle groups/fascia with simple tools such as tennis balls and how to best perform basic maintenance on yourself, and why it is so important.

-Level 1 (60min)
The exercises are designed for you to be able to perform at home. All you need after this one hour course is 10-15 minutes a day, a foam roller and tennis ball and you are good to go. You can repeat this level as many times as you would like. Book this course with me just like you would with a normal appointment. No prerequisites.

-Level 2 (60min)
When you have mastered the basics and are ready for more, we will go into some deeper mobility exercises in level 2. Prerequisite is Level 1.

Are you a Coach or Gym owner? Make sure that you are on top of your mobility game. This is often a neglected area in the Gym, but as a coach you can really make a difference for your clients here! They are likely to turn to you first for help, before looking anywhere else.
So, you really have an amazing opportunity to help them help themselves. If you are still teaching to use a foam roller up and down the leg, then you can benefit from an update! This class focuses on the solid bases and easy problem solving of the most common areas of injury that I see in my clinic daily, so the client can get the most out of their time, and focus on being active instead of injured.


What about stretching? In my experience, most of the time static stretching is not enough to improve your mobility, especially if you have been stiff for a long time. Imagine that your muscle is a rubber band, and the tightness in your muscle is like a big knot. With static stretching you are most likely just pulling on the knot, not changing anything, or even making the knot worse. With mobility exercises, you will massage the knot, which increases the blood flow in that area and assists the body to self repair and gradually making the knot smaller, until it goes away. Stretching has its place, but is usually most effective on a “knot-free” muscle.

What about Yoga or Pilates? These are great practices and are certainly recommended, but if you have class once a week, it’s not going to be enough to work on areas that have been “glued stuck”. Also, some people are so stiff that they may find Yoga very challenging at first, and working on your mobility before starting with Yoga or while you are starting up is a great help.

These videos will give you a rough idea of what the course is about: