Functional Nutrition

functional nutrition
Don’t paint your leaves green. Address the root cause instead.

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”
– Thomas Edison

  • Are you an athlete with recurring shoulder and back problems that never really goes away? Are you worried that you might have to quit your sport?
  • Do you seem to get sick when you increase your training intensity before an important competition?
  • Are you not sleeping well, or do you have frequent headaches?
  • Do you feel frustrated feeling that something is not right, even though the test results comes back “just fine”?
  • Are you ready to explore another approach to your health?


You are what you absorb
If the leaves on your tree start to go brown for all of a sudden, what would you do? Would you start by painting  the leaves green? Or, would you think like a gardener, and address the roots of the tree with hydration and the right nourishment?

What you eat is important, but if you cannot absorb the food properly, your body doesn’t get the building blocks it needs. Functional nutrition not only looks at what is on your plate, but also on the body’s ability to break down, absorb and use the food efficiently. Is your digestion working as it should? Is your blood sugar regulation working properly? Are your organs receiving all the nutrients they need?

We are not all alike, especially when it comes to our digestive systems. Depending on who you are and what you demand from your body, you have to tune and support it differently (race car vs heavy duty jeep). This becomes even more important if you are an athlete at top level as you require more from your body. Nutritional Therapists are trained to help each client find the right type of whole foods that will support, restore balance, enhance the ability to heal, and make you perform at optimum level.

Of course the type of fuel you put into your tank is important (you don’t want to put diesel into a gasoline car), but if your tank is leaking, or your engine is clogged up and your oil lamp is constantly blinking, it is just a matter of time before you break down. Making sure that the whole system is working well is as important as the fuel we put in.

 What is this not?
This is not a quick fix or short term solution. This is not about counting calories at every meal. This is to help your body find a healthy balance and supporting it along the way. We are looking for a long term solution for you, so you can support your body finding a healthy balance and be pain free.

Did you know that the liver completely renews itself within six months? We make new cells every day. These cells form our organs and organ systems. With the right “building material” we can rebuild our systems and body. You might start feeling improvements after just a few weeks of making changes and that is great. But to make a long-lasting improvement it is going to take some more time and dedication on your part. Your health did not completely deteriorate over night, so we also need some time to build it up.

What we focus on:
We put a strong emphasis on eating an anti-inflammatory diet. Since most disease and problems in the body stems from inflammation, we learn which foods are the best to eat, and which are the best to avoid in order to reduce inflammation and assist the body into better health.

”Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
– Hippocrates

Frequently asked questions:

How do I start?
First choose the option that suits you best right now.

A. One time basic program – not personalized.
A general 4 week anti-inflammatory diet. We meet once and go through the plan.
This is for the person that says “I am motivated to do this, but I do not need a personalized plan at the moment. Just point me in the right direction to get started.”

B. Personalized all in program
We jump right into the 4 week anti-inflammatory diet, but personalized to you, to best fit your health goals. This is for the person that says “I am really motivated to do this, but I like the program to be tailored to me, and I also would like to have some more help along the way.”

C. Personalized let’s get started program
This is a step by step approach to slowly make changes to improve your health.
This is for the person that says “I don’t feel ready to make a big change, but I want to learn more about Digestion, Nutrition and what an anti-inflammatory diet looks like. I am ready to make small changes to improve my health.”

How does it work for the personalized plan?
The first step is all about information gathering. You will fill out a couple of questionnaires on paper and online. Once I have all the information from you, we will make an appointment to meet, talk through all of the information and your health goals.

How many meetings do I need to get started for a personalized plan?
Making a change in your body will take a bit of time, so it’s important to commit and dedicate a chunk of time right away. To start you need a minimum of 2 appointments to get going. After that you can book single sessions. The norm is to have 3-5 weeks in between appointments.

What do we do in the first meeting, and how long does it take?
The first meeting will take about 45-60 minutes. We will to go through all the information gathered, look at your health goals and start making a plan to get there.

Does the appointments have to be in person?
It is preferred to have at least one meeting in person, but it is possible to do the whole program online.


Are you still interested?
For this Functional Nutrition Program, I only accept clients who are motivated to make the necessary steps to achieve their goals. This program asks for active participation and collaboration from the client. You may want to change right now, but may not be ready or in a position to be able to commit to the process for any number of reasons. In that case it is better to wait, until you are ready to work for what you want.

Are you ready to get started? Great!
Contact me for further information

About Nutritional Therapy Association
Nathalie is a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) by the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA). The NTA “teaches the concept of bio-individuality. There is no perfect diet for everyone. Nutritional Therapists are trained to help each client find the right types of whole foods that will restore balance and enhance their ability to heal”. For more information about NTA, please visit Read why Nathalie became an FNTP here.

Please be aware:
Nutritional Therapy Counseling is under no circumstance a substitute for a medical diagnosis. If in doubt if this could be right for you, do not hesitate to contact your medical doctor to make sure that working on your nutrition is right for you.